Bt Tool Holders

Turnmax BT Taper Tooling is manufactured from premium materials and meets or exceeds the latest JIS B 6339 specification and ISO-1947 taper accuracy of AT3 specification standards. The BT30 tools are either pre-balanced to a high specification or balanced-by-design.

For high speed applications Hexen System recommends that the complete tool holder assembly (tool holder, retention knobs, collets, hardware, and cutting tools) be balanced as one entity. Exact RPM limits can only be determined by considering machine and spindle configurations in conjunction with tooling design and safety limits factored as a complete system.


  • JIS B 6339 7/24 taper.
  • Standard M12 metric drawbar thread.
  • Taper accuracy of AT3 specification or better.
  • Heat resistant hot-working steel
  • Hardened 54 – 2 HRC
  • For HSS and solid carbide tools
  • With threaded holes in order to balance with balancing screws
  • Cooling with Cool Jet for an extra charge
  • Cooling with Cool Flash for an extra charge
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