Keyless Drill Chuck

Keyless Drill Chucks mean the Drill Chucks tightened by hands without Chuck Key, and, are also called “Keyless Chucks” simply. It is most useful as Quick Change Chuck on the drilling machines, etc. The greatest feature of our Keyless Drill Chucks (Keyless Chucks) is that the cutting tools can be changed quickly. And if the diameter of the cutting tool is changed, the accuracy is stable.

Since the Keyless Drill Chucks are manufactured in high precision processing and have the sure self-tightening mechanism, in the clock wise direction rotation, the drill bit is gripped hard automatically by the self-tightening mechanism, without loosening. Hexen Keyless Drill Chucks have higher accuracy than the specified accuracy and have been favourably reviewed by the users. There are many models and sizes of Keyless Drill Chucks, the customer can be selected the best one for the machine and/or drill to be used.


  • Drill Chuck Along with MT-2 Sleeve and C Spanner.
  • Tin-coated Jaw for Long Life.
  • All the parts are precision-made and hardened enough.
  • The outside is totally enclosed type, all of which ensuring an outstanding durability of the chuck.
Spec 1 Test Spec
Spec 2Test Spec
Spec 3Test Spec
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